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[Signature]Basic grunt sig
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[Signature]Basic grunt sig

In this tut you'll learn how to make a Basig grunge sig =).

Before you are gonna try this download this:(if you dont have a grunge brush set yet)
Put this in this direction:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Brushes\Adobe Photoshop Only (if you've installed it there, you get what i mean)

1. First, open a new document. Take something like 400x125, atleast thats what I took.
2. Press "D" and then do Filter>Render>clouds
3. Load the Grunge brush set Torrential_1 (click to see how)
4. now, make a new layer(ctrl+alt+shift+N) and start burshing on it. Repeat this a few times until you havesomething like this
Tips: only one color per layer, and only black and white, you can switch between ur first and your second color by pressing "X")
5. now add a color balance(Image>adjustments>color balance...(ctrl+B))and make it the color you want, I came out with this
6. Now you need a render, search for one, you can see some links to renders in the Graphics Discussion forum. Add it to your signature. (resize it with pressing ctrl+T)
7. Now, select the rectangular marquee tool and set the feather value to 15 or something. Select the area on the render that you can make a bit vague and then press delete(hold shift while selecting the area around the render)DONT do this with the important areas, for example, if you've chosen a render of an Archer for example, dont do this with the bow, its an important part of the render. Hope you understand what i mean. This is my outcome this
Now, Its easy, just add some Text and a border, an this is my final outcome.


*Note If you dont understand step 7, do this:
(Written by Simpl3)
Go to the render layer and select it. If you have Photoshop CS2, do this by going to Select > Load Selection > OK. If you have CS, you can just control-click on the layer. Now that you have it selected, go to Select > Feather (Alt+Ctrl+D). Chooses a number, anything between 3 and 10 works best. The higher the number, the more blended the render will be. Hit OK.

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